travertines and marble. flagstone and keystone . travertine Pavers

Natural Stones
  Natural Stone in this category there many options. Cap Rock, Flagstone, River Rock, all of these are product of the U S A. These materials are mined all around the U S and trained down to florida to there local distrubuter. American Hardscapes always tries to get our customers the best products at best prices.
 Cap Rock is used mainly for decoration, natural rock walls, flow threw sea walls and Island borders.
 Flagstone is very versitile is used for driveway, walkway, patio floor covering. It is also used on walls and ponds. River Rock comes in many sizes it is mainly used as permable landscape areas and driveways. Natural stones also include imported stone like.
 travertines & marbles. These  stones come in many sizes and thicknesses they are great for almost any application great for driveways, walkways, patios, wall coverings, outdoor kitchens. They come in tumble or chizelled the more popular colors are gold, noche, walnut and ivory. They also come in many shape most popular are 6 x 12 and french pattern which comes in 4 different sizes. 
 Keystone is one of the most beutiful of the permable natural stones available. these material is mainly build up of calcium and other minerals found in the ocean. After millions of years some dry bed of these materials are excavated and processed for all types of applications. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have on using this material or other naturals stones you have seen in this page.